As a part of the Honours paper, each student is expected to submit a proposal, and a set of reports. As well as these written deliverables, each student is expected to give a couple of presentations about their project. Below I have included descriptions and links to the two written documents submitted to date, as well as the slides from the first "practice" presentation.


The Proposal is the first major document that is submitted. It outlines what the project is, what I hope to achive with the project, and how I intend to carry out the tasks involved in the project.

Read the Proposal... (a PDF download is also available)

Interim Report

The Interim Report is the second major document that is submitted, and is done so at the conclusion of the first semester, which is half-way through the course. This document states what progress has been made, and what changes have been made to the project's origional goals.

Read the Interim Report... (a PDF download is also available)

First Presentation

This presentation is an in-class presentation which serves to inform the other paper participants what the project is about, what is being done, and why. This is also used as an opportunity to receive constructive critique from peers.

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