DBWrapGen is an Eclipse IDE plugin that is used to generate Java source code for database wrapper classes. The DBWrapGen tool uses a Structured Query Language (SQL) script file that defines the structure of a database to build the wrapper classes for that database.


24/10/2006 - The final report has been handed in now. The report references some supporting class API documentation which hosted on this site; the documentation is located in http://dbwrapgen.sourceforge.net/docs/support/. There is also a demonstration movie (currently only in .wmv format) that can be found here: http://dbwrapgen.sourceforge.net/media/demo.wmv. -- Jason

16/08/2006 - Got about most of the web site content up now. The About and Project Description sections are up now. -- Jason

14/08/2006 - Got about half the web site content up now. To get a fair idea of what this project is about, check out the Deliverable link on the left. The About and Project Description sections will get filled in over the next few days. -- Jason

4/08/2006 - This site is under construction, and as such many of the links will not work. During the course of the next couple of weeks, however, the site will flesh out, so please check back again in a short while. -- Jason